330-2G LL Commercial / Industrial Combustion Kit

330-2G LL Commercial / Industrial Combustion Kit - Testo 330-2G
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330-2G LL Commercial / Industrial Combustion Kit

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Testo 330-2G LL Commercial Combustion Analyzer
with NEW High-Definition Graphic Display

with BPI CEUs, no purchase necessary

The testo 330-2G LL with Long-Life sensor technology marks a milestone in combustion analysis. In combustion analysis, proper set up and maintenance are critical to safe and efficient operation. The testo 330-2G LL makes it simple. No more guesswork!


Graphic boxes and trending curves display when your measurement is on target or off.


The graphic display provides easy analysis of measurement data, providing more functions than ever before including testing for pipe commissioning and differential pressure. The interface for burner control modules makes this the most versatile tool in combustion tuning and testing.


The testo 330-2G LL has the longest service life available in a combustion analyzer. Improved materials and construction details provide you with reliability and the lowest cost-of-ownership. It comes with the longest warranty in the market with an expected sensor life span of up to 6 years (O2 and CO sensors). Rest assured the testo 330-2G LL is an essential tool for combustion analysis.


The Testo 330-2G LL, is simply combustion without confusion. Redesigned with a full color graphic display, the 330-2Gll allows the user to visualize the measurement data graphically without watching numerical values. With CO dilution

Self-explanatory graphic curves as well as easy to understand symbols and a clear color display ease the understanding of the measurement data considerably showing the user where they are at, and a trend line of where they are headed during the adjustment process.

Thumb symbols confirm instantly system status of O2 and CO concentrations in the green zone (safe & efficient) confirming operation falls within the manufacturers guidelines.

User configuration allows the display of 2 to 8 lines as numerical values and 4 measurement values simultaneously in a line-graph display. This feature shows trends that may be compromising safe operation or fuel combustion such as depressurization of the combustion air zone, loss of draft, or fluctuating O2 due to potential heat exchanger failure.

NEW 330-2G LL Graphic Display is Worth a 1000 Words!

The dynamics of combustion are made simple with the testo 330-2G LL. A quick glance at the graphic display illustrates critical parameters and clearly indicates the path to more efficient and safer combustion, making it the ultimate tool for combustion tuning!



Eliminate Guesswork!

The testo 330-2G LL shows you vital combustion data in real-time while eliminating saturation & over ranging; Reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Extended testing ranges with advanced sensor protection

When combustion is out-of-control and CO concentrations are peaking beyond the ability of ordinary analyzers, testo provides a solution with the CO dilution system<. It automatically supplies dilution air to the gas path effectively, reducing harmful concentrations of CO and eliminating damage to the sensor. The analyzer automatically corrects and displays the proper concentration up to 30,000 ppm.

Reporting and data management made simple

In today's market, data management is an essential component of combustion performance. The easyHeat software package simply bridges the gap between in-field testing, combustion reporting, and data security.

Simple USB connections give you control of the analyzer during real time testing. Select the graphics display to watch dynamic trending as a result of a change in combustion control. Click on the large display and set-up an alarm trigger to show you when CO or another combustion parameters are out of specification.

Convenient customer management functions allow you to quickly upload and populate easyHeat with your specific site or customer information. Site, contact, & application information as well as field notes and data from combustion analysis are safely stored on your computer!

easyHeat is the essential software for combustion analysis.

ParameterMeasuring rangeAccuracyResolutionResponse
O20 to 21 Vol.%0.2 Vol.%0.1 Vol.%< 20 seconds
CO0 to 8,000 ppm10 ppm or 10% rdg. at1 ppm< 40 seconds
(H2-comp.) 0 to 200ppm
20 ppm or 5% rdg. at
201 to 2,000 ppm
10% of rdg. at 2,001 to 8,000 ppm
Auto CO dilution8,000 to 30,000 ppm500 ppm< 40 seconds
NO0 to 3,000 ppm5 ppm at 0 to 100 ppm1 ppm< 30 seconds
5% of rdg. at 101 to 2,000 ppm
10% of rdg. at 2,001 to 3,000 ppm
NO0 to 300 ppm2 ppm at 0.0 to 40.0 ppm0.1 ppm< 30 seconds
(low meas.)5% of rdg. at 40.1 to 300.0 ppm
10% of rdg. at 2,001 to 3,000 ppm
Draft and-4 to 16" H2O0.2" H2O at 0 to 20" H2O0.004" H2O
Pressure0 to 80" H2O1% of rdg. at 20 to 40" H2O0.04" H2O
1.5% of rdg. at 40 to 80" H2O
CO2(calc)0 to CO2maxCalculated from O2measurement0.1 Vol.%
Temperature-40 to 1832F0.1 from -40 to 1832F0.1F
0.5 of rdg.
Efficiency0 to 100%0.10%

Kit Contents

Kit contains:

testo 330-2G LL Combustion Analyzer w/ auto CO dilution 

12" flue gas probe (932 F max) , 1/4" dia., w/ 7' hose 

Li-Ion battery (extra)

Power supply / recharger (North American cord)

Particle filters - pack of 10

Standard carry case

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