Wireless HVAC Guide® System Analyzer - HG3

Wireless HVAC Guide® System Analyzer - HG3 - Fieldpiece HG3 wireless System with Data Logging
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Wireless HVAC Guide® System Analyzer - HG3

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Fieldpiece HG3 Guide® HVAC/R System Analyzer

The Wireless HVAC Guide® System Analyzer, model HG3 and ET2W Wireless Transmitter turn any Fieldpiece Accessory Head into a wireless device.  The new HG3 makes it easy to accurately diagnosis a system because up to 13 measurements can be taken simultaneously to give you real-time data.  Tests include: Target Evaporator Exit Temperature (delta T, evaporator drop, drop across the coil), Target Superheat, Superheat, Subcooling, Combustion Analysis and the CheckMe!® test.  In addition, the HG3 includes automatic calculation of CFM tests for up to 13 grilles, and data logging for up to 13 parameters.


  • Wireless HVAC Guide - HG3
  • Wireless Handle - ET2W
  • Dual Temp Accessory Head - ATH4
  • Dry Bulb Thermocouple - ATA1
  • Wet Bulb Thermocouple - ATWB1
  • CD to Download Software and create reports in Microsoft (R) Excel (R) formatted tables
  • Computer Cable to Transfer Data
  • Nylon Carrying Case - ANC8

Features and Benefits

The HG3 holds up to 200 tests on its internal memory, so you can easily show your customers what's going on with their system, and what the recommended fixes are.  You can even have them review the screen with you in real-time while you're receiving measurement data wirelessly.

 In addition, all tests can be downloaded to a personal computer so you can not only print out your tests results for your customers, but you can also store all the data to reference the next time you are called to the job site.

 You can also easily and accurately perform CFM tests because the HG3 does your calculations for your, automatically.  The HG3 will calculate the average, max, and min air velocity for up to 13 grilles, then calculate the Total Return and Total Supply for the entire system.

  • More Accurately Diagnose Systems with Real-Time Data
  • 12 Wireless Parameters for Live Analysis
  • Multi-parameter Data Logging
  • Save Time by Eliminating Measurement Reconnections
  • Monitor System While Making Adjustments
  • Easy, One-time Set Up
  • Minimize Call-back with Correct Diagnosis the 1st Time                     

Competitive Advantages

What other meter on the market can walk you step-by-step through a system analysis, provide you with recommended fixes, automatically do CFM calculations, allow you to monitor the system while making adjustments, and has up to 12 wireless measurements be sent to it at one time?  None.

  • Comprehensive, Real-time Full System Analysis
  • Up to 13 Measurements at Once (12 Wireless and 1 Direct)
  • Provides Recommended Fixes
  • Real-time Target Superheat While Your Charging
  • Monitors System During Adjustments
  • Wireless Transmission up to 100 Feet Away
  • Instant Snapshot of Entire System

Wireless Testing:

Attach any Fieldpiece Accessory Head to the ET2W to view or log measurements on the HG3 in real-time. The HG3 has the capability to wirelessly and simultaneously read up to 12 wireless signals.  A 13th accessory head can be attached directly to the HG3 to give you the ability to record 13 parameters at one time.

Using the ET2W Wireless Transmitter -- Slide the Fieldpiece Accessory Head onto the ET2W.  Measurements are taken by the Accessory Head and sent wirelessly to the HG3 from up to 100 feet away.  If greater distances are needed, the ET2W can be put in repeater mode with additional ET2Ws.

 Press "SYNC" on the HG3 and ET2W for Wireless Communication

Test procedures are included for Superheat, Subcooling, Combustion Analysis, Target Evap Exit Temperature (temperature drop across the evaporator coil), CFM (air balancing), CheckMe!® Evaluation and Service light set up are built into the HVAC Guide to streamline each test.

The HVAC Guide® System Analyzer also has a data logging switch position to record up to 13 measurements at one time. With the Display switch position view one parameter by connecting any Fieldpiece Accessory Heads directly or wirelessly.  Do it right the first time, do it faster, easier, more completely, and avoid call-backs in the process

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