Minneapolis Blower Door (TM) System

Minneapolis Blower Door (TM) System - Minneapolis Blower Door
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Minneapolis Blower Door (TM) System

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The Minneapolis Blower Door

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The Minneapolis Blower Door has long been recognized as one of the best designed and supported building airtightness testing systems in the world. Combined with specialized accessories and testing procedures developed by The Energy Conservatory, the Minneapolis Blower Door is widely used by utility DSM programs, energy raters, HVAC contractors and weatherization professionals.


Checkout the DG700 Wifi link. Compatible with the DG700


  • Lightweight, rugged, injection molded fan housing
  • Precise, stable flow measurements without the need for gauge dampening
  • The Model 3 Fan provides quick and accurate flow measurements from 300 to 6,100 CFM (includes Flow Rings A and B)
  • Optional Flow Rings C, D and E will measure down to 11 CFM
  • Variable fan speed control (solid state - cruise control compatible)
  • Operates on110V/60 Hz

The Standard Model 3 Minneapolis Blower Door system includes

  • Model 3 single fan (300-6100 CFM)
  • DG-700 pressure and flow gauge with Cruise Control
  • Adjustable aluminum frame and nylon panel designed to fit 8' door
  • TECTITE Test Analysis Software and USB Communication Cable


Type Model 3 Blower Door Fan
Maximum Flow 6,100 CFM (free air), 5,250 CFM (at 50 Pa), 4900 CFM (at 75 Pa).
Minimum Flow 20" inlet diameter, 10.25" length
Weight 33 lbs. with FlowRings A&B
Flow Accuracy +/- 3% (using DG-700 or APT system). Rings D and E +/- 4% or 1 CFM, whichever is greater
Calibration Meets ASTM Standard E779-10, E1554-07, CGSB-149.10-M86, RESNET 2012, EN 13829 and ATTMA TS1 and NFPA 2001.
Power 110V
Adjustable Frame Material Extruded Aluminum
Width 28" - 40" adjustable
Height 52" - 96" adjustable
Seal EPDM flexible gasket
Panel Material Nylon w/ built-in vinyl window
DG-700, APT System See Specifications on Digital Pressure Gauges and Automated Performance Testing System pages


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