Testo 557 Professional A/C tune-up Kit with Vacuum

Testo 557 Professional A/C tune-up Kit with Vacuum - Custom Testo 550 Kit (single)
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Testo 557 Professional A/C tune-up Kit with Vacuum

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Deluxe A/C tune-up kit Featuring the Testo 557 RSA 

Designed to meet all contractor and most program requirements, the standard Testo 557 A/C tune up kit contains all of the tools required to properly commission and performance test any residential or light commercial A/C system. Using program methods and these tools you can quantify performance, show results and make equipment operate at peak performance levels.

Kit includes:

  • Testo 557
  • 2 Spring clamp probes matched to the A/C Analyzer
  • Carry case for Analyzer with room for hoses
  • Testo 417 Large Vane Anemometer with carry case
  • 3 testo 605-H2 Humidity Stick with Wet Bulb reading
  • Refrigeration hoses 5' (Set of 3)
  • Charging Calculator (R-22)
  • Charging Calculator (R-410A)
  • Testo 510 compact manometer for static pressure tests, etc.
  • 2 magnetic static pressure tips for duct pressure measurements
  • Set of barbed hose tees
  • 1/8 MPT x barbed fitting
  • 10' silicone tubing

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