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Testo 570 RSA

Part Number:0563 5703
Testo 570 RSA
Testo 570


available for order

Testo 570 Refrigeration System Analyzer with Vacuum Measurement and Data Logging and Printing Capability

Take testing to the next level with the Testo 570. Coupled with Easy-Kool Software, the 570 is the most powerful and feature rich analyzer available today. Data logging a refrigeration system opens a window into the refrigeration system allowing the technician to see not only what is happening, but what happened over time. The built in vacuum measurement allows the technician to know when they have reached the limits when evacuating a system. Building upon the easy to use testo 550 platform, the 570 has 3 NTC temperature probe inputs and can simultaneously calculate superheat and subcooling in real time while measuring another temperature like outdoor ambient or oil pressure or compressor current with optional probes. The 570 is ideal for servicing, maintaining and commissioning all types of air conditioning systems. The 570 will also perform leak tests on AC/R systems with temperature compensation, insuring accurate results. The testo 570 retains the robust housing that protects the analyzer from the everyday bumps and drops. It comes complete with 2 clamp probes, integrated hook, built in hose holders and a hard carrying case.

Includes digital manifold, 2 clamp probes, batteries, calibration record and hard case


  • Built in Vacuum Measurement
  • Aluminum valve block with 4 connections and built in sight glass
  • 3 temperature probe inputs for simultaneous real-time calculation of superheat and subcooling
  • Comes with two pipe clamp temperature probes
  • Readings are displayed in seconds
  • Compact easy to use, transport, and setup
  • Large easy to read back-lit display
  • Robust housing that protects the analyzer
  • 40 Refrigerants on-board eliminating the need for PT charts
  • OnBoard Data-loging capacity for up to 72 hours of measurement. (Order optional power supply for >40 hours measurement)

Choose Options

Probes, Software, Printer, Power Supply
Temperature Clamp Probe [+$57.00]
Pipe Wrap Temperature Probe with Velcro [+$131.50]
Second Pipe Wrap Temperature Probe with Velcro [+$131.50]
Third Pipe Wrap Temperature Probe with Velcro [+$131.50]
Air Temperature Probe NTC [+$82.00]
Water Proof Temp NTC for Flat Surface [+$92.00]
Wireless Printer [+$276.00]
Easy-Kool Software [+$299.00]
Current probe [+$218.00]
Oil Pressure Probe [+$313.00]
Power Supply [+$26.00]
Pipe wrap probe with velcro [+$131.50]
Pipe clamp probe -NTC [+$200.00]
Refrigerant Hoses (Sets and Singles)
Set NRP 5 foot SealTite Hoses (RYB) [+$81.00]
Set 5' NRP ball valve hoses (RYB) [+$123.00]
3/8 single Vacuum rated hose (1) [+$43.50]
1/4" Vacuum Rated Hose (1) [+$53.59]
2nd 1/4" Vacuum Rated Hose (1) [+$53.59]
3rd 1/4" Vacuum Rated Hose (1) [+$53.59]
Charging Calculators
R22 Charging Calculator [+$10.20]
R410a Charging Calculator [+$10.20]
Stand alone Wetbulb Thermometer
Testo 605-H2 [+$93.95]
Core Tools
Appion Vacuum Rated Core tools [+$54.45]
2nd Appion Core Tool [+$54.45]
AC Troubleshooting guide

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