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Testo Wireless Printer/Paper Upgrade Kit

Part Number:400563 5604
Testo Wireless Printer/Paper Upgrade Kit
Testo Wireless Printer/Paper Upgrade Kit


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Testo Wireless Printer/Paper Upgrade Kit

Testo Printer with Wireless Infrared Interface - 7 Rolls of Thermal Paper and (4) AA Batteries

The mighty little printer works with most all devices: IRDA, infrared and Testo interfaces are all built in.It is truly a time-saver, as it stores the data before it prints. Data transfer takes place within 2 seconds. After data transfer, the sending instrument is immediately ready for use again.


  • Compatible with other Testo measuring instruments (also backward compatible to older testo instruments)
  • Fast data transfer, the measuring instrument is ready for use again within 2 sec.
  • Fast print function thanks to the latest line printer mechanism
  • Energy-saving Auto-off/Wake-up function
  • Testo-design with integrated magnetic back
  • Robust housing (similar to the testo 327)
  • Line power operation possible (same power supply as the Testo 327/330 p/n 0554 1096)

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