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Measurements Matter!

Why choose a Testo RSA? Because the measurement is never compromised!

When it comes to accurately charging, commissioning and testing A/C and Refrigeration systems the Testo 500 series manifolds are considered the most accurate instruments on the market. All measurements are not created equal! Utilizing a lower range pressure transducer means that 500 series is more accurate in the designed working range. Because the sensors are ceramic, they can handle over pressurization at almost twice the working pressure. Special designed temperature clamps that use NTC thermistors also mean higher accuracy, repeatability, and a lower over measurement uncertainty than other digital RSA's. The Testo 500 series comes fully calibrated out of the box unlike manifolds using K-type thermocouples and recalibration is not required when the probes are replaced or even switched in the meter sockets. Because the Testo 500 series is temperature compensated, atmospheric compensated and protected from EMF, you can be assured of accurate quick measurements that are right the first time every time.

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Testo A\C Refrigeration