Tool Bags by Veto

The Overlooked Tool!

A professional grade, organized tool bag .

The fact is, field experience is the only way to know what problems, issues, and concerns a technician faces on a daily basis, and how to design high quality, functional products that improve image and productivity. Although most tool bags serve as tool storage solutions, they are hardly functional, often cannot stand up to the rigors of  daily job site use, and typically require you or your technicians to constantly search for tools.

TruTech loves Veto bags because they were designed based on Roger Brouard's (VETO company founder) frustrations with the myriad tool bags that he used during his twenty five years working as a carpenter.

In 2002, Veto Pro Pac revolutionized the tool bag industry and launched its professional grade tool bags with heavy duty patented center panel designs and tiered vertical storage compartments that increase productivity of tradesmen and improve their overall image. TruTech is proud to be able to carry VETO bags.

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