Bacharach Tru Pointe Ultra HD Leak Detector Kit w/Stereo Headphones

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Bacharach’s Tru Pointe® Ultra with Stereo Headset-Ultrasonic

Bacharach’s Tru Pointe® Ultra is a compact ultrasonic leak detector that uses patented technology to detect leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The Tru Pointe Ultra is the world’s first pocket-size electronic instrument that can simultaneously detect the vacuum and high pressure leaks that occur in HVAC/R systems. The Tru Pointe Ultra guides the user to a leak by quantifying the intensity of the ultrasound and converting it to a sound the user can hear easily through headphones.

  • Detects ALL gases - not dependent on gas chemistry
  • Capable of detecting from a distance
  • Detects all Freon gases, CO2, nitrogen and vacuum leaks making leak testing and charging HVAC/R systems fast and cost-effective
  • Not affected by wind or high concentrations of leaked gases in the area
  • Converts ultrasound to natural audio sound; makes detection simple and intuitive
  • Capable of detecting at the speed of sound
  • Instant change of sensitivity to “tune” into the leak of interest within thousandths of an inch
  • Fast decision-making as to the location and/or intensity of leak
  • Convenience - no need to wait to charge internal batteries; available everywhere
  • No warm up needed - detects instantly. Instant off with release of the button saves battery life.
  • Allows user to quickly find stuck valves, malfunctioning Thermal Expansion Valves (TXV) and other mechanical problems
  • Easy to use and carry. Can be used with one hand and can fit in tight spaces
  • Holds all items for safe storage and makes it very easy to locate on a job site.
  • Crystal clear sound; allows user to distinguish between minute sounds in the background


  • Not affected by wind or the presence of other gases or high concentrations
  • Ten-segment LED Bar Graph shows signal strength
  • Complete your kit with optional SoundBlaster® sound generator
  • On-the-fly Sensitivity Adjustment aids in locating leaks quickly
  • Comes complete in a carrying case with folding headset or stereo headphones
  • True sound reproduction ensures fast recognition of leaks
  • 10-segment LED intensity meter
  • Detection based on ultrasound
  • Responds to the ultrasound leaks generate, not the chemical property of a gas
  • Patented heterodyne technology
  • Sturdy carrying case with bright labels
  • Infinitely variable slide sensitivity control
  • Instant ON/OFF button
  • Hi-Fi folding headset with volume control (Ultra); Noise-attenuating over-the-head headphones (Ultra HD)
  • Small size/ light weight
  • Patented Resonator Touch Probe
  • Powered by one 9Volt battery

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