Testo 755-2
Testo 755-2

Testo 755-2 Current-Voltmeter 200 Amp AC, 1000 V AC/DC Phase Rotation

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Testo 755-2 - Current / Voltage Meter with 200 A AC, 1000 V AC/DC, Continuity, and Phase Rotation Tester

The testo 755-2 includes important additional features: phase rotation, voltage range up to 1000V, and the unique feature which allows the user to check for voltage using only a single lead. The testo 755 current/voltage testers are fast and easy to use, especially when you are testing many circuits. The convenient open-jaw current tester automatically turns on when voltage exceeds 6V. It then auto-selects the correct parameters and range for your test. These rugged testers are suitable for virtually all your daily electrical measuring tasks.


  • Phase rotation tester and voltage range up to 1000 V
  • Unique feature which allows the user to check for voltage using only a single lead
  • Polarity detection for DC circuits
  • Meter automatically detects testing in-process and selects correct meter configuration which saves time and optimizes accuracy


The instruments include important functions such as current, voltage, resistance & continuity. The integrated flashlight enables users to work in poorly lit areas. The overall design is for convenient testing including interchangable measuring tips which can be easily updated and maintained. A convenient lead holder is integrated into the housing for safe and easy storage.

TestoÂ’s history of efficiency, innovation, and quality now extends into the entire electrical lineup. Once again, Testo brings high value, feature-packed products to the HVAC contractor market.

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