Testo 760-2
Testo 760-2

Testo 760-2 Digital Multimeter with Auto-Test, Capacitance, TRMS, and Low Pass Filter

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Testo 760-2 - Digital Multimeter with Auto-Test, Capacitance, TRMS, and Low Pass Filter

The testo 760-2 also includes TRMS, duty cycle, low pass filter, and temperature measurement. TestoÂ’s exclusive auto-test setup enables the user to simply turn on the unit, connect the leads, and begin measuring. The testo 760 Digital Multimeter detects the lead connection and prevents switching from V to A or A to V if leads are not in proper socket. This prevents accidentally blowing the meterÂ’s fuse because of incorrect connections.


  • Auto test-setup based upon lead connection prevents blown fuses in the meter
  • TRMS with Low Pass Filter, Duty Cycle and Type K temperature
  • Meter automatically detects testing in-process and selects correct meter configuration to save time and optimize accuracy
  • Measure up to 400 A with optional clamp probe adapter


The function and range settings are always correct because the measurement parameters are detected and set automatically. Three easy-to-read buttons replace the traditional rotary switch when selecting manual test functions.

Additional benefits:

  • APO (Auto Power Off) saves battery life
  • Overmold housing makes it rugged
  • Large, backlit, dual readout display with analog bar graph is easy-to-read
  • Lead holder conveniently molded into housing for easy storing

TestoÂ’s history of efficiency, innovation, and quality now extends into the entire electrical lineup. Once again, Testo brings high value, feature-packed products to the HVAC contractor market.

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