Brass Plug
Brass Plug

3/8" NPT Countersunk Brass Plug

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(20 pack) 3/8" NPT Brass Counter Sunk Plugs for Combustion Test Port Sealing

Have a 90+ furnace where combustion testing outside is not practical or maybe even possible due to a roof termination? We searched for years for a cost effective and safe solution and found brass pipe plugs to be just that. Pipe plugs are tapered and therefore self sealing. They are also about 3/8" tall so they seal both walls of cellular core PVC. An inexpensive add-on per installation, a brass pipe plug installs quickly and makes testing year after year easy and safe. A much more professional look than silicone and also a much better seal. The acids in flue gas are so mild that they will have little to no affect on brass which has fair corrosion resistance to acids. Furnace condensate typically ranges between pH 3.0 and pH 5.0. By comparison, Orange Juice ranges from pH 3.30 to pH 4.15. After years of using them there is rarely even any oxidation of the plug.

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