FLUKE-RLD2 UV Refrigerant Leak Detector Flashlight

Part Number: 3387163
Price: $74.99
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Leak detection made easy

The compact, easy-to-use, RLD2 HVAC leak detector, uncovers refrigerant leaks instantly.
With 100,000 hours of life, this handy refrigerant leak detection tool is a must have for HVAC Technicians.

Features and Benefits:

    * Vivid UV refrigerant leak detector UV LED (375 nm wavelength) detects leak detection dyes
    * Laser pointer pinpoints leaks
    * Bright flashlight for working in dark areas
    * Key chain for convenience
    * Operating temperature 0 C to 50 C
    * Includes 3AAA batteries

Comfortable form factor for easy use, vivid UV light for quick leak detection, bright flashlight for working in dark areas, includes a laser pointer to pinpoint area being checked.

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