MRU Optima 7 Gas Analyzer
MRU Optima 7 Gas Analyzer

MRU Optima 7 Engine Exhaust Gas Analyzer (O2/CO/no and no2)

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MRU Optima 7 Engine Exhaust Gas Analyzer (O2/CO/NO and NO2)


Suitable for engine exhaust measurements.

  • O2; 0 to 25 %
  • CO; 0 to 4,000ppm (20,000 overload)
  • NO; 0 to 1,000ppm (5,000ppm overload)
  • NO2; 0 to 200ppm (1,000ppm overload)
  • Biogas pressure; 0 to ±300 mbar


  • All combustion calculations
  • Automatic measurment incl. data logging function, user-specific adjustable determination of average value, storing on SD card
  • Gas smapling probe for exhaust gas emission monitoring with 9' Viton hose and 12' probe tube and heat deflector
  • Optimized, backlit condensate separator with re-usable PTFE )star) filter for protection against duct and soiling
  • IRDA interface for high speed infrared thermal printer
  • Mini-USB interface for cable data transfer to PC
  • SD card reader incl. activating software
  • Internal data storage for up to 16,000 measurements, with color data records visualization on display
  • Battery and mains operation - high energy Li-ion battery, with 8 - 10 hours mains free operation
  • Wall-plug, universal grid power supply 90-240Vac / 50-60Hz for battery charging over the USB port
  • Biogas sampling line 3x2mm Viton with 5m length and stainless steel instrument gas inlet port

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