0590 0021
0590 0021

Testo 0590 0021 Thermocouple (Type K) Adapter for Testo 770-2 & 770-3 Multimeters

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Testo 0590 0021 Thermocouple Adapter (Type K) For The Testo 770-2 and 770-3 Electrical Meters

It is also possible to use the clamp meter to measure temperatures in addition to electrical parameters. 

This adapter is used to attach a type K thermocouple temperature probe to your clamp meter.

Simply insert the adapter into the clamp meter and attach a type K thermocouple temperature probe onto the adapter. 

Please note that temperatures can only be measured in the range between  -4 to 932°F (-20 and +500°C)

The adapter enables accurate temperature measurement, as it has ambient temperature compensation.

To take a temperature measurement with the testo 770:
1- Attach the thermocouple to the thermocouple adapter.
2- Insert the adapter into the meter jacks, ensuring correct polarity!
    (The thermocouple adapter switches on automatically)
3- Switch the instrument on. 
4- Enter AUTO V mode
5- The measured temperature value will be shown on the display in  °C and °F

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