Testo 750-2 Digital Voltage Tester with GFCI Test

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Testo 750-2 Digital Voltage Tester with GFCI Test

The testo 750-2 includes a single probe voltage testing, built-in flashlight, and GFCI test function. The 750-2/-3 can perform GFCI Circuit tests on AC outlets. When performing a GFCI circuit test, a 35 mA load is applied to the circuit. The testo 750 vibrates ensuring that the GFCI circuit test is active. The testo 750 voltage testers are the first instruments to include an all-around viewable LED voltage indication. All three models include low input impedance, phase sequence, continuity test, and meet CAT III 1000 V CAT IV 600 V safety standards.


  • GFCI Test Function
  • Single probe voltage testing
  • Patented all-around viewable LED voltage bar indication
  • Phase sequence test for determining motor rotation and polarity detection for VDC measurements


TestoÂ’s history of efficiency, innovation, and quality now extends into the entire electrical lineup. Once again, Testo brings high value, feature-packed products to the HVAC contractor market.

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