Kanomax 6332D Airflow Transducer

Part Number: 6332D
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Product Line Quality Control

Quality Control monitoring and controlling air velocity and distribution during drying/shaping process.

PCB Temperature monitoring

Combined with thermographic system measure air velocity across the board to evaluate the cooling efficiency.

Air Velocity Monitor for Local Exhaust Ventilation and FFU (Fan Filter Unit)

Prevent exposure of hazardous materials to workers and prevent leakage by thorough monitoring and control of chamber airflow.

Residential Air Ventilation Monitoring

Ensure ventilation system efficiency by actively monitoring system balance and controlling airflow.


  • 10 interchangeable probe options
  • Probes quickly and easily attach/detach
  • Digital Display Option (model 6332D)
  • Selectable Output (Output can be set to either voltage (0 to 5V) or current (4 to 20mA))

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