Plug-in Humidity-probe head for Testo wireless handle, 435, 556/560

Part Number: 0636 9736
Price: $232.90
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Probe shown installed in wireless handle - handle not included.

Plug-in Humidity-probe head for wireless handles. Measures temperature and relative humidity, Used by several meters for dry bulb, wet bulb and dew-point calculations. Sensor is conservatively rated at 2% absolute accuracy. Utilizes Testos' patented humidity sensor accurate from 0 to 100%RH. Long term stability guarantees years of precision measurement.


  • 0554 0191 - Wireless Handle (with thermocouple adapters) - accepts a plug in thermocouple (with included socket) or a humidity probe head sensor (0636 9736) and beams sensor data to a testo wireless module (which is installed in a compatible testo meter)
  • 0554 0190 - Wireless Module - inserts inside a compatible testo meter to enable reception of wireless data from a testo wireless probe handle

Look for special combo kits with everything you need.

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