MRU NOVAplus Emission Analyzer - Kit 4 (O2/CO/NO/NO2/SO2 and CO2)

Part Number: 947010-04
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MRU NOVAplus Emission Analyzer - Kit 4 (O2/CO/NO/NO2/SO2 and CO2)
Model #947010-04


Includes The Peltier Gas Cooler

The MRU NOVA Plus Emission Analyzer is built to meet the most stringent requirements. The NOVA Plus provides fast accurate of all gas, oil and solid fuel combustion's. It's also suitable for CHP's (co-generation heat and power engines).

The NOVA Plus Emission Analyzer is built with a robust metal enclosure mounted inside an aluminum framed case. Its low weight and size make it easy to transport. The O2 long life sensor has an expected life time of 4-5 years. The NOVA Plus is provided with a built-in printer with easy paper loading. The units also measure gas/air temperature, differential pressure and stack draft.

  • CO; 0 to 4,000 ppm
  • CO2; single NDIR 0 to 20%, triple NDIR 0 - 3% up to 30%
  • O2; 0 to 21 Vol-% abs.
  • NO; 0 to 1,000 ppm
  • NO2; 0 to 200 ppm
  • NO(x); True NOx using NO and NO2
  • SO2; 0 to 2,000 ppm
  • Fluegas temperature; less than/equal 1,200°F (650°C), less than/equal 2,000°F (1,100°C)

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