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CPS ABM-100 Smart Device Airflow Meter
AAB ABM-100 Smart Device Airflow Meter

CPS ABM-100 Smart Device Airflow Meter

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CPS ABM-100 Smart Device Airflow Meter

The ABM-100 is AAB's first of a series of tools that connect to smart devices and are specifically designed for the HVAC industry.

The airflow balancing meter quickly and easily converts air speed into air volume for you. Then it records the data to a history log which can be emailed for professional looking reports.

  • Portable, tool fits in your pocket
  • Easy to use, no math or formulas to remember
  • Professional, automatically generates and emails detailed reports to impress customers
  • Introductory Price Only $44.95 and includes free app for iPhones, iPads, and most Android smartphones

Operating Instructions

  1. From the main menu hit the button that says "Take a Reading"
  2. Then hit the "Start" button
  3. Choose rectangular or round duct and identify if a grille is in place
  4. Enter a room number or description of the area and the dimensions of the opening (if rectangular typically whole even number such as 6" x 4")
  5. Hold the meter flat against the center of the grille or center of opening if no grille is present and hit "Start Test"
  6. Hold the meter steady for up to 30 seconds (you can stop the meter sooner, but there is a risk of reduced accuracy)
  7. Then you may identify the reading as supply or exhaust and add a comment about the location (both optional) and hit "Save" to record the test to the history log or "Delete" to retake the test.

Tips For Reducing the Margin of Error When Taking Readings

Each grille type has a different amount of free space that the air may travel through, this is known as the "AK factor". The smaller the free space, the greater the velocity of the airflow (much like putting your finger over a water hose to shoot it further).

The ABM-100 app has a manual adjustment on the settings screen that enables you to manually adjust the amount of area that is blocked by things such as grilles, registers, dampers, fire dampers. The most accurate way to calculate the volume is to find the AK factor from the manufacturer's data sheet. If this is not available please use the following list to determine the approximate percentage to reduce the free space by:

  • Straight Blade Grille or Register 5-10%
  • 20-40 degree Angled Blade Grille or Register 20-30%
  • Curved Blade Grille or Register 30-35%
  • Double Deflection Grille or Register 35-50%
  • Fire Damper, add 15-20% to the Grille or Register reduction

If there is a round duct feeding a rectangular/square box enter the diameter of the round duct on the dimension screen in the app.

Again, these are rough approximations, the AK factor on the manufacturer's data sheet is always best to use when available. We will be adding more tools to make this process easier, more accurate, and native inside the app in the near future.

Some of the features listed such as the camera function will be coming out as automatic updates to the app in the near future.

Check out the ABM-100 Product Videos Below!

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