AAB ABM-100 Smart Device Airflow Meter
AAB ABM-100 Smart Device Airflow Meter

CPS ABM-100 Smart Device Airflow Meter

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CPS ABM-100 Smart Device Airflow Meter

The ABM-100 is a compact, portable anemometer that captures air speed values from air supply or air return vents in residential or commercial buildings, and converts these values into air volume readings.

To provide airspeed and airflow readings, the ABM-100 plugs into a smartphone or other mobile device (see below) running the latest, free CPS Link app. Grille or duct dimensions are then entered using the smart device display, and the ABM-100 is held in front of a grille or duct opening. Data can then be viewed, stored in a history log, or emailed from the smart device.

For even faster, more convenient airflow analysis, attach the ABM-100 inside the ABM EasyHood. In this mode, there is no need to calculate opening size, nor estimate the grille AK factor. Airflow volume is also faster to obtain since it isn’t necessary to move the meter across the grille.

Key Features:

  • Free CPS Link app provides on-screen guidance for for fast, intuitive, easy-to-use airflow analysis:
    • Linear feet/minute
    • Cubic feet/minute
    • Linear meters/second
    • Cubic meters/hour
  • Test And Balance Report- Automatically generated from data collected.
  • Geolocation feature - to record where and when job performed
  • Send professional jobsite reports by email
  • Add custom notes to each reading if desired
  • Ability to adjust the free space calculation (if grille is present)
  • Select from 4 languages to work in (English, French, Spanish, German)
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and all major Android devices

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