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A/C & AirFlow Webinars

THE Total A/C System Performance Series


Part 1: The Big Picture: Click HERE for slides, no video recording available

Part 2: Airflow: Click HERE for slides, Click HERE for video recording

Part 3: Refrigerant ChargeClick HERE for slides, Click HERE for video recording

Part 4: Capacity Testing: Click HERE for slides, Click HERE for video recording

For a FREE copy of an A/C Applications Guide click HERE.

With sky-rocketing energy costs, restricted capital/replacement budgets, and the omnipresent concern for the bottom line, it is now more critical than ever to achieve the highest performance out of A/C and heat pump systems. You might think this is easier said than done, but that is not necessarily true! TruTech will get you there with a clear understanding of the concepts.

Based on our popular national live, national trainings and presentations and 3 years worth of results from thousands of contractor tests, TruTech Tools, LTD is proud to present a NEW four part series to help contractors, auditors and utility personnel learn how to:

         measure system performance

         increase system efficiency

         reduce electrical consumption

         shave peak loads

         extend equipment service life

         increase customer comfort and satisfaction

         all while expanding sales, profitability and service contract opportunities

A/C System Performance Testing-  Part 1: The Big Picture

Understanding the problem and justifying the need for a System Performance approach. What are the market drivers? The A/C system has several sub-systems and each must be understood and working in harmony with the others to achieve optimum performance. 

A/C System Performance Testing-  Part 2:  AirFlow

Understanding proper AirFlow set up and measurement is at the core of AC System performance. 

A/C System Performance Testing- Part 3: Refrigerant Charge

Beyond AirFlow the other key factor to optimizing A/C System Performance is understanding how to determine, measure and set the proper refrigerant charge in a system and measurement is at the core of AC System performance. Proper evacuation equipment and processes are critical to achieving the highest system efficiency.

A/C System Performance Testing- Part 4: Capacity Testing

The HVAC industry sells capacity (cooling tons), but how often is actually measured in the field? Using proper tools and techniques and a few calculations or appropriate software, technicians can now accurately measure cooling tons in minutes.

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