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A/C & AirFlow Webinars

AirFlow 101: Live webinars include up to 1 BPI CEU

Instructor: Bill Spohn


NOV 10, 2014 11AM EST

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Click HERE for slides, Click HERE for a video recording <- coming soon

Industry studies have shown that 70% of residential systems have improper airflow. Airflow measurements are among the most daunting tasks in the industry. Learn the wide variety of measurement methods and the pluses and minuses of each. Dig into the science behind good airflow measurement, as well as the importance of considering air density corrections. We will also cover the ins and outs of picking the correct tool for the measurement task or application. Every major airflow measurement tool and technique will be explored and explained

THE Total A/C System Performance Series


Part 1: The Big Picture: Click HERE for slides, no video recording available

Part 2: Airflow: Click HERE for slides, Click HERE for video recording

Part 3: Refrigerant ChargeClick HERE for slides, Click HERE for video recording

Part 4: Capacity Testing: Click HERE for slides, Click HERE for video recording

For a FREE copy of an A/C Applications Guide click HERE.

With sky-rocketing energy costs, restricted capital/replacement budgets, and the omnipresent concern for the bottom line, it is now more critical than ever to achieve the highest performance out of A/C and heat pump systems. You might think this is easier said than done, but that is not necessarily true! TruTech will get you there with a clear understanding of the concepts.

Based on our popular national live, national trainings and presentations and 3 years worth of results from thousands of contractor tests, TruTech Tools, LTD is proud to present a NEW four part series to help contractors, auditors and utility personnel learn how to:

         measure system performance

         increase system efficiency

         reduce electrical consumption

         shave peak loads

         extend equipment service life

         increase customer comfort and satisfaction

         all while expanding sales, profitability and service contract opportunities

A/C System Performance Testing-  Part 1: The Big Picture

Understanding the problem and justifying the need for a System Performance approach. What are the market drivers? The A/C system has several sub-systems and each must be understood and working in harmony with the others to achieve optimum performance. 

A/C System Performance Testing-  Part 2:  AirFlow

Understanding proper AirFlow set up and measurement is at the core of AC System performance. 

A/C System Performance Testing- Part 3: Refrigerant Charge

Beyond AirFlow the other key factor to optimizing A/C System Performance is understanding how to determine, measure and set the proper refrigerant charge in a system and measurement is at the core of AC System performance. Proper evacuation equipment and processes are critical to achieving the highest system efficiency.

A/C System Performance Testing- Part 4: Capacity Testing

The HVAC industry sells capacity (cooling tons), but how often is actually measured in the field? Using proper tools and techniques and a few calculations or appropriate software, technicians can now accurately measure cooling tons in minutes.

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