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AccuTrak VPE Ultrasonic Leak Detector

AccuTrak VPE Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Part Number:VPE
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Compact and Versatile! 

The AccuTrak VPE is compact, and designed for one hand operation. Comes with flexible wave guide for hard to reach areas. Other applications include the detection of bearing wear, leaks in ductwork, leaking steam traps & valves, vacuum leaks, & electrical arcing. Unique acoustic design of our precision probe maximizes sensativity for contact applications such as bearing and valve analysis.
Advantages versus sniffers
  • AccuTrak VPE is a much more accurate and reliable instrument for detecting single and multiple leaks.
  • AccuTrak VPE can detect any type of refrigerant gas, including nitrogen.
  • AccuTrak VPE detects both vacuum and pressure leaks.
  • AccuTrak VPE is effective in gas saturated areas and under windy conditions.
  • AccuTrak VPE does not require the introduction of tracer gases into the system, which can be ozone depleting when vented, and can also be harmful to ones health.
  • AccuTrak VPE is battery powered for cordless operation.
Advantages versus other ultrasonic leak detectors
  • AccuTrak VPE is #1 in technology. We wrote the book on ultrasonic leak detection, our patented instruments lead the industry!
  • AccuTrak VPE is the original! It is NOT a copy.
  • AccuTrak VPE is the most sensitive ultrasonic detector available to the trade.
  • AccuTrak VPE is the most durable unit available, with the best warranty. The face of the unit is sealed with no open holes/speakers for foreign objects to enter.
  • AccuTrak VPE has more dynamic range, and won't overload in loud areas.
  • AccuTrak VPE gives true audio sound reproduction, instead of the "e;beeps and squeals"e; of other instruments.
From Superior Signal Company, Inc.
The EXPERTS in Ultrasonics!
Ultrasonic detectors are the only instruments they make. 
Experts are trained in the physics of sound, and welcome your questions.
Thousands of satisfied customers, and they stand behind our products 100%!
You have to hear it to believe it!
The PATENENTED AccuTrak VPE represents state-of-the-art technology for pinpointing leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
AccuTrak is extremely sensitive to the ultrasonic sound of a turbulent gas leak. Using a technique called "heterodyning" it translates the sound to a lower frequency which your ear can interpret. AccuTrak maintains the original sound charactersitics making it possible to distinguish leaks from other competing background sounds. AccuTrak is so sensitive you can actually hear the blink of an eye, yet most background noise will not interfere with detection accuracy.

AccuTrack works best when traditional methods fail!

  • UV dyes/lamps are time consuming, and difficult to use in daylight. Leaks must be within the users line of sight, as with bubble solutions.
    • AccuTrak solves the problem!
  • Electronic refrigerant "sniffers" are sensative, but sometimes too sensitive when large leaks exist, or if contaminants are present which cause false alarms. They are also very difficult to use in windy areas.
    • AccuTrak solves this problems! 


  • This is no Sniffer!
  • Not affected by Wind!
  • Will NOT false alarm from residues, or stray glasses!
  • Detects ANY gas!
  • Detects vacuum leaks!
  • No tips to clean or sensors to replace!
  • It's one of a kind! Nothing works like AccuTrak! 

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