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Air Conditioning Performance Test Kit
Air Conditioning Performance Test Kit (showing testo 416)

Air Conditioning Performance Test Kit

Part Number:400563 4160
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Performance Test Kit for A/C, Furnaces and Heat Pumps

The air-side performance test kit is designed for the field measurement and calculation of heating and cooling system output (BTUH, KW, Tons) . The Testo 416 small vane anemometer or Testo 417 Large vane anemometer performs a high accuracy, non air density dependent measurement of airflow and the Testo 605-H2 provides a means to measure the change in enthalpy across the indoor coil of a A/C unit, heat pump, or heat exchanger.

The Testo 416 has a 1/2" diameter vane on an expandable probe that makes it ideal for in duct measurement particularly where there is a return air drop connected to an extended plenum system with individual returns for each room. Airflow is measured at the common return air drop to verify airflow across the evaporator coil.

The Testo 417 is a 4" diameter vane is ideal for measurements at the return air grill or registers. Systems that utilize flex duct connectors with a common return air grill (or even 2 or 3) can easily be evaluated and airflow totaled without the need to add individual measurements.

When selecting options for this kit consider what type of systems you typically encounter. If you do see both, both styles of anemometers are recommended as the accuracy of the measurement is impacted by the probe design and application. A second Testo 605-H2 is also recommended to speed up the process and reduce error. To perform an automated test, consider the Testo 435 Performance Test Kit.

Power Measurement, The Amprobe ACD 51NAV power meter quickly and easily measure power in watts corrected for power factor. Using this measurement, field EER can quickly be calculated EER= Btuh output/Watts consumed. When calculated for heat pumps and air conditioning performance as found and after service can quickly be quantified.

Choose Options

Testo 416 (duct measurement) [+$517.50]
Testo 417 (grill measurement) [+$387.00]
Humidity Measurement
Testo 605-H2 [+$98.10]
2nd Testo 605-H2 [+$98.10]
Enthalpy Chart
Enthalpy Chart
Power Meter
AMPROBE ACD 51NAV [+$234.95]

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