AirThings Hub - On Demand Access to your IAQ Network

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AirThings Hub - On Demand Access to your IAQ Network

Air quality monitoring redefined - 24/7 control and monitoring

The Airthings Hub is the heart of the Airthings Ecosystem. It brings all supported devices online, providing on-demand access to your indoor air quality (IAQ) data at any time, from anywhere! The Hub connects to devices using Airthings SmartLink, streaming data regularly to your smartphone or online dashboard. With visibility into your radon and IAQ levels, you can take action to improve air quality, sleep, good health and comfort. Easy to use and set up on your smartphone.

Increase Comfort and Health
Continuous monitoring of your indoor air quality levels is necessary to minimize potential indoor air hazards in all spaces. The Airthings Hub gives you remote access to up-to-date sensor values, no matter where you are.

Easy to Set Up
Easy set up of your Hub and Airthings devices using Airthings Wave App. To setup, simply connect to power and ethernet and follow instructions in the app. Receive data through the Airthings Wave App or online dashboard.

Full IAQ Coverage For Everyone
A single Hub can cover most private homes. Airthings SmartLink offers a long-range and robust connection, which allows devices to be distributed around a large building or home. The Airthings Hub can be placed on a flat surface or mounted by fixing it with screws to the wall.

Connect multiple Airthings devices to a single Hub. Works with Airthings devices with Airthings SmartLink. Hub makes your Airthings data available wherever you are, which means that using smart home integrations like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT is even better. Get alerts and information about your air quality, even when you aren’t home.

Free Mobile App and Dashboard
Remote access to your Airthings data on the Airthings App or online dashboard. The Airthings dashboard allows you to easily view, compare and export data.


  • Remote access to Aithings Wave 2nd Gen, Wave Plus, and Wave Mini
  • One Hub can connect to up to 30 Airthings devices
  • Long-range (300ft/100m) wireless connection with Airthings SmartLink
  • LED status indicators: Power, cloud and SmartLink connection
  • Mounting options: Freestanding or mounted
  • Free mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Live data streaming to the cloud

Download the AirThings App for your Android or Apple smart device

Google Play Store Apple App Store

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