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Airflow Videos

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Rick Karg (Residential Energy Dynamics (RED)) and Joe Medosch (representing RETROTEC) cover the practical ins and outs a filed contractor or auditor needs to be aware of when dealing with ASHRAE 62.2

Colin Genge, President of Retrotec sets up and disassembles his new blower door frame in this 45 second clip. It's a snap! "Breaking ups no longer hard to do!"

This TruTech Tools video goes over the key features and attributes of Fieldpiece STA2 and the demonstrates how to use the STA2 to measure airflow in a residential furnace.

This TruTech Tools video compares the accuracy of the Fieldpiece STA2 to the measured CFM of a Rheem modulating furnace ECM.

Curious how a Testo 416 is used to measure airflow? This quick flick demonstrates how the Testo 416 is used to get quick and accurate results.

This is a quick low quality video shot for a friend that needed to know how to use a Testo 417 large vane anemometer. I have never gotten around to re shooting it, but all of the basics are covered.

The Testo 510 can do a lot more than simply measure static pressure. This quick video goes over how to set the 510 up and how to use it to measure average air velocity and correct for changes in air density.

The Testo 410 is a simple to use small vane anemometer for residential airflow measurement. This quick video goes over the setup and how to traverse a duct for airflow measurement.

Measuring static pressure is on the the most common questions that we get. This video was made to provide the answers.

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