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G5 Twin Parts

Appion G5Twin Parts

Rebuild Kits
KTF612 Inlet Filter Fitting (1/4” Flare Fitting, 4-Pack of Inlet Filter Screens, o-ring)
KTGA00 2-Pack of 0-700 PSI Gauges
KTG515 Piston Seal Kit (seals, seal o-rings, slide rings)
KTG520 Compressor Repair Kit (valve plates, valves, springs, seals, seal o-rings, slide rings)
KTG535 Front Ball Valve Seal Replacement Kit (input/output seals, o-rings)
Replacement Parts
1 Front Panel Assembly AY0050
2 Front Panel Only w/Labels PL7601S
3* Power Cord - 115v US WR9000
3* Power Cord - 230v EU WR9230
4 Output Knob - Red PL7011
5 Input Knob - Blue PL7010
6 0-700 PSI Gauge (2-Pack) KTGA00
6* PSI & Kg/cm2 Gauge (2-Pack) KTGA61
7 Power Switch EL5120
8* Left Side Condenser CT1760L
9 Front Panel Label (Top) LB1235
10 Inlet Filter Fitting KTF612
11 High Pressure Switch EL5030
12* G5Twin Side Label LB1205
13 Case Side Panel (each) AY0221
14 Motor Start Relay - 115v EL5017
14* Motor Start Relay - 230v EL5027
15* Case Handle PL7000
16 Fan Gearbox Assembly w/ Blade AY0036
17 Case Back Panel PL7602
18 Motor Support Bracket (each) PL7625
19* G5Twin Warning Label - 115v LB1201
19* G5Twin Warning Label - 230v LB1262
20 Motor - 115v EL5000
20* Motor - 230v EL5230
21 Motor Start Capacitor - 115v EL5028
21* Motor Start Capacitor - 230v EL5034
22 Cylinder (each) CA1603
23* Right Side Condenser CT1760R
24 Manifold Assembly AY0020

*Currently unavailable. Will be made available soon.

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