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Application information contained in this site is written as a general guide. The TruTech Tools Ltd. has neither liability nor can they be responsible to any person or entity for any misunderstanding, misuse, or misapplication that would cause loss or damage of any kind, including the loss of rights, material,  personal injury, or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this site.
TruTech Tools Ltd. does not assume and expressly disclaims any obligations to obtain and include any additional information.  The reader is expressly warned to consider and adopt all safety precautions that might be indicated by activities herein, and to avoid all potential hazards.  By following any instructions contained herein, the reader willingly assumes all risks in connection with such instructions.
Information contained on this site only for use by formally trained competent technicians practicing within the HVAC/R, weatherization,  and energy auditing community. TruTech Tools Ltd. does not condone homeowners working on or testing their own equipment. 
The manufacturers’ installation, operation, and service information should always be consulted, and should be considered the first and best reference for installing, commissioning, and servicing equipment. TruTech Tools Ltd. assumes no liability for typographical errors or omissions of information on this site. 
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