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BPI & Building Performance

Introducing BPI’s new certification for air infiltration & duct leakage (IDL) compliance testing (up to 1.5 BPI CEUs)

LIVE WEBINAR: Thursday, November 6, 1:00 - 2:15 PM EST

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"I believe BPI's new national IDL certification will have the same success that Georgia has enjoyed with our statewide credentialing program. The quality of construction has improved as builders and code officials know the home and duct system were tested by certified professionals. Everyone benefits; the builder and I know the job was done right and the homeowner gets a better home." -  Carl Fortson, Building Code Official with Tift County, Georgia

Deliver the tests that builders need to meet IECC* codes for air infiltration and duct leakage. The IDL certification is a straightforward, affordable approach to becoming certified for IECC code compliance.

For new home builders, HVAC and insulation contractors, home performance professionals, code officials and design professionals, during this webinar you will:

·       Learn which version of IECC impacts you

·       Gain an overview of the IECC 2009/2012 code requirements for air infiltration and duct leakage

·       Understand the core elements of the IDL certification scheme, and the straightforward nature of training and testing for the IDL exam

·       Hear firsthand experiences from the state of Georgia, where a DET training and certificate system is in place

·       See how applying the IDL approach makes sense for the home construction industry whether or not the IECC affects you

Hear from a cross-section of industry leaders: Larry Zarker (BPI), Brad Turner (Southface Institute), Bill Spohn (TruTech Tools, LTD), Joe Medosch (E-Building Science / Retrotec), Matt Anderson (BPI)

* The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is a model residential and commercial building energy code produced by the International Code Council. First published in 1998, the IECC was updated in 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012.

The New BPI 1200: Impact on your diagnostic testing equipment (up to 1 BPI CEU)


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Click HERE for slides, Click HERE for a video recording <- coming soon

Instructor Bill Spohn: Come learn the changes in diagnostic test equipment that is currently proposed in BPI standard 1200: Standard Practice for Basic Analysis of Buildings.

The Past and Future of Ventilating Dwellings: Using ASHRAE 62.2-2013
Instructor: Rick Karg

After a brief intro to ventilation, the BPI Building Airflow Standard (based on ASHRAE 62-1989) and ASHRAE 62.2-2010 will be addressed, giving historical context for the latest ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2013.  The 3 versions will be compared, however, the major focus will be on 62.2-2013. 

Click HERE for the slides, Click HERE for a video recording.

Mechanical Ventilation and ASHRAE 62.2-2013
Instructor: Paul Raymer

As homes become increasingly tight, mechanical ventilation increases in importance.  National building codes, standards and programs are requiring the design, installation, testing, and documentation of ventilation systems.   Participants in this course will come away with a better understanding of the science behind and mechanical ventilation technologies. Topics will include using the latest ASHRAE 62.2 Standard for sizing the systems for the right airflow for whole house and local ventilation, use of the infiltration credit, selecting the system, differences between ERVs and HRVs, use of controls, and installed system testing and documentation.

Click HERE for the slides, Click 
HERE for a video recording.

Building Multifamily the Right Way: A Case Study
Instructor: Corbett Lunsford
View a recording after signing up for Corbett's training portal HERE

A multifamily building project costs tens of millions of dollars and dozens of professionals- and it can still be a very messy process!  Learn about the typical mistakes in large residential buildings, and how they are solved, through a case study of an 80-unit building project in Illinois- the first in the state to go through ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise Certification! 

HP Diagnostic Case Study: Whole House Solutions to HVAC Head Scratchers
Instructor: Corbett Lunsford
View a recording  HERE

Ever met a home that refused to be fixed? Home performance problems often masquerade as HVAC problems, and the same old 'tried and true' HVAC improvements may not help at all now that air sealing and insulation have become prevalent. Investigate three cases where Home Performance Diagnostics author Corbett Lunsford was hired by an HVAC company to solve strange problems, and learn how you can use whole-home performance testing to solve your clients' pain all by yourself!

HVAC To Home Performance Heating Contractors: the Business Case

Instructor: Mike Rogers

Click HERE for the slides, Click HERE for a video recording

Are you interested in learning more about "Home Performance" to understand how your HVAC customers—and your business—would benefit from a more comprehensive approach to heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning? This session provides HVAC contractors an overview of the enormous opportunity the exists in incorporating home performance into an HVAC company, and share key concepts to help you evaluate if home performance is the right next step to grow your business.

Introduction to Home Performance for Heating Contractors

Instructor: Hap Haven

Click HERE for the slides, Click HERE    for a video recording

Fasten your seatbelts and take this fast-paced ride into the newest billion dollar industry.  Home Performance is uniquely suited for the heating & AC contractor.  That's because you have already mastered many of the most important components. Come learn how Home Performance and HVAC overlap, how to expand your business in a flat market and how to position yourself for the future.

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