Bacharach 0010-5001 Fyrite Classic, Measures CO2, 0 to 20% (No Fluid)

Part Number: 0010-5001
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Bacharach 0010-5001 Fyrite Classic, Measures CO2, 0 to 20%


  • Fyrite Classic
  • Part number 0010-5001
  • Measures CO2, 0 to 20%
  • Fast, accurate instrument for measuring O2 and CO2
  • Measure O2 and CO2 simply, accurately and quickly
  • Multiple ranges available for use in a wide variety of applications
  • Field replaceable, easy to change fluid for keeping the instrument in the field
  • International version contains no fluid

This unit is not filled for export reasons. International Fyrites must be filled using a Fyrite fluid kit (ordered separately) before they can be used.

The Fyrite Classic is a tried-and-true instrument for measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide. The Fyrite Classic is available for O2 or CO2, and each gas type of Fyrite is available in multiple ranges to meet a variety of applications, from combustion analysis to incubators to anesthesiology.

The Fyrite Classic contains fluid that is specifically designed to absorb O2 or CO2 with minimal cross-sensitivities to other gases, which leads to accurate readings. It is easy to test the fluid’s strength and replace it when needed - which means no need to return the unit for service and no downtime.

Fyrite employs the well known "Orsat" method of volumetric analysis involving chemical absorption of a sample gas, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), or oxygen (O2). The reagent used to absorb CO2 is potassium hydroxide (dyed red). Chromous chloride (blue) is the absorbent for O2. The unique feature of Fyrite is that the absorbing fluid is also used as the indicating fluid so that one vessel takes the place of both measuring burette and absorption pipette.

The Fyrite body is molded of clear, high-strength plastic, has top and bottom reservoirs, and has a center tube connecting the two reservoirs. The bottom reservoir is filled with the absorbing fluid, which extends about 1/4 inch into the bore of the center tube when the instrument is held upright. The scale position is mounted to one side of the center tube and is adjustable.

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