Bluon R22 Retrofit Solution, One 30 LB R458A Cylinder w/ Installation Support (For Pick Up Only)

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Bluon TdX 20 Refrigerant, R458A, R-22 replacement, One 30 LB cylinder (For Pick Up Only)

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Introducing Bluon

With the R-22 phaseout hitting hard, Bluon realized that most HVACR techs didn’t have the proper tools, training, or support to correctly use refrigerant blends to replace R-22. As a result, most technicians had bad experiences with replacements. Bluon’s team of HVAC veterans, engineers, and scientists set out to create a complete R-22 retrofit solution designed to make life easier the for guys in the field.

After 5 years of extensive R&D, real-world testing, and approvals, Bluon unveiled R-458A (TdX 20), a breakthrough refrigerant that works better than R-22 and is easy to use. And most importantly, Bluon backed up the refrigerant with fantastic installation support with its mobile app, and 24/7 technician support from HVACR veterans based in the USA.

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Bluon retrofit

The Complete R-22 Solution

Combing the breakthrough refrigerant, the installation app, and the live support into a complete package has made Bluon the leading R-22 retrofit solution. With a rapidly growing network of thousands of Accredited Technicians trained in the Bluon retrofit process, and an excellent track record in corporate America, R-458A is becoming a favorite among both commercial and residential shops, and the preferred solution among end users.

Bluon warehouse picture Bluon R-458A
The first replacement that designed to make your life easier, by reducing installation time and reducing call backs from error or capacity loss.

- Average 15% energy savings vs R-22 (up to 25%).
- Virtually identical capacity to R-22 (+/- 3%).
- No oil change required. Works with POE & MO.
- Operates at lower pressures and temperatures.
- Reduces vibration and boosts stability.
- ASHRAE & EPA approved, warranty protected.

Bluon app support Bluon App
Get step-by-step instructions on how to retrofit the system from R-22 to Bluon R-458A. Over 20,000 individual HVAC units are supported (virtually every R-22 unit on earth).

- Original manuals and documentation for over 20,000 units.
- Individualized retrofit instructions.
- Best practices and videos for common procedures.
- Calculators and tools for the installation.
- MeasureQuick charging & diagnostic integration coming soon!

Bluon tech support Real Technican Support
Bluon has a support staff of veteran HVAC technicians on call 24/7/365. So if you have questions about or run into problems during in any step of the retrofit process, they are available through the support hotline in the mobile app. Just give them a call, and they will get you through it. No wait time!

Great refrigerant + awesome app + killer tech support = complete R-22 solution.

Note: Bluon app and live support are available to Bluon Accredited Technicians. Getting accredited is fast, free, and fun. Just download the mobile app to get started.


BY PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT: Buyer acknowledges that they possess a valid EPA 608 Certification OR their company employs a technician with a valid EPA 608 Certification. It is acknowledged and understood by Customer that the installation and evacuation of refrigerant in HVAC systems involves a high degree of experience and expertise and Customer represents, to the best of their ability and reasonable knowledge, that only such qualified customers shall be involved with any installation of the Product. Customer shall assume all such incorrect installation and evacuation risks.

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Contractor Testimonials

When I saw the claims of lower discharge pressures/temperatures and increased capacity I was skeptical but willing to try the product. After having the product in 100% of our installs for nearly a year now I am no longer skeptical.

- Joe Egosque, Service Manager, Efficiency Heating and Cooling LLC

They have developed the most complete and extensive r22 replacement retrofit available on the market today. If you're not on the Bluon train you better get on it. Bluon tdx20 is the future. Great product. Even better people.

- Dallas Jennings, HVAC tech, Storer Equipment Company

After learning about Bluon, I am now looking for R22 jobs instead of running from them!

- Guy Hardesty, Acct Manager - HAVTECH

We converted several systems to Bluon (TdX 20). The performance and education exceeded everyone’s expectations. We will continue to use Bluon as the situations present itself. Good stuff!

- Jon Newbro, JJATC Training Coordinator

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