AccuTools BluVac+ Professional Digital Micron Gauge with Coupler and Bluetooth

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Accutools BluVac+ Professional Digital Micron Gauge with Coupler and Bluetooth

Works directly with the BluVac app! See the "Software / App" tab for more info.

BluVac Professional Plus is designed to not only give you fast and accurate readings, but it will also be able to provide those readings to you via Bluetooth. Exciting yet the BluVac Pro Plus is able to work with the BluVac app for a complete report.

The AccuTools BluVac Professional Digital Vacuum Gauge is the most accurate and precise vacuum instrument available today with patented technology that cannot be found anywhere else.

With the BluVac Pro, you can accurately measure vacuum pressure in Microns, Pascals, Millibar, Millitorr, mmHg, PSI, and inHg with resolution down to 0.1 micron. Ideal for the HVAC/R, Industrial, and Scientific professionals, the BluVac Pro is small, lightweight, rugged and easy to use. It is programmable, allowing for unattended evacuation and rise-time testing of HVAC/R systems of all sizes.

Key Features of the Pro model over other models: PISG display, Saturation Temperature display, Vacuum Rise Time Analyzer, minimum pass time analysis (15 min.), Evacuation Progress indicator, and Vacuum leak indicator in Microns per minute


  • Operates stand-alone or with Android and iOS apps
  • Operates with the iManifold / iConnect app
  • Large, high-visibility back-lit LCD display
  • Measures Vacuum in Microns, Pascals, Millibar, Millitorr, mmHg, PSI, and inHg
  • 0 to 25,000 Micron Range with 0.1 Micron Resolution less than 10,000 Microns
  • "Analog" Vacuum Level Bar Graph
  • Evacuation Progress Indicator shows Vacuum between 25,000 Microns and ATM
  • Vacuum Leak Rate, Ambient Temperature, and Saturation Temperature Indicator
  • Automatic Oil Sensor
  • Measures Ambient and Saturation Temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius to 0.1
  • Built-in memory retains all previous settings
  • Rugged, Compact Design with Protective Silicone Rubber Boot
  • Long Battery Life
  • Programmable Automatic Evacuation and Rise-Time Testing
  • Calibration Self Test -- Can be field calibrated with no special equipment
  • Ideal for HVAC/R Service, Industrial Use, and Scientific Measurement

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BluVac Comparison Chart

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