MAVCAP CA2424 AC DraftShield 24" x 24"

Part Number: CA2424
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Mavcap Industries Transparent Vent Covers

Cost effective alternative to single-use grille mask.

MODEL CA1608, Fits vents up to 16" x 8"

MODEL CA1414, Fits vents up to 14" x 14"

MODEL CA1212, Fits vents up to 12" x 12"

MODEL CA2424, Fits vents up to 24" x 24"

Grill mask wastes money and valuable time for many applications. Mavcap vent covers install quickly and easily eliminating both problems. Use vent covers also to block undesired airflow due to inaccessible dampers in finished locations to help with over heating and cooling of conditioned spaces. 

Spending too much time CAREFULLY peeling grille mask off grille and wall surfaces? Get the MAVCAP vent covers and save money and time!

  • Install and remove in seconds
  • Reusable
  • Payback in just a few jobs
  • Lightweight and easily stackable for transport
  • Custom-engineered foam seal is easily replaced when worn or torn
  • Manufactured in the USA

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