UEi CLM100 Cable Length Meter
UEi CLM100 Cable Length Meter

UEi CLM100 Cable Length Meter

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UEi CLM100 Cable Length Meter

Affordable and Accurate Cable Length Measurement!

The CLM100 benefits both contractors and distributors by measuring cable length on the spool or already installed. It’s value-conscious design makes it very affordable. Special Kelvin Clips make it easy to use. Simply attach the clips to both ends of the cable. A built-in temperature compensation circuit automatically takes into account the temperature of the wire for an accurate reading.


  • Resolution to .001O, 0.5 ft.
  • Accuracy to ±1% of reading for lengths greater than 300 ft (100m)
  • New – 6 user programmable custom wire settings
  • Measures copper and aluminum cables; covers the major wire gauges
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Reads in feet and meters
  • Milliohm measurement capability
  • Wire size: 26 ga – 4/0 ga
  • 250 MCM – 500 MCM
  • Resistance 99.9O
  • Auto off
  • Two easy-to-attach Kelvin Clip leads connect to cable
  • 22 pre-set wire gauge settings
  • Includes Certificate of Comformity

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