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CPS SVW Wireless Solenoid Valve

CPS SVW Wireless Solenoid Valve

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CPS SVW Wireless Solenoid Valve

Charge, Recover and Evacuate with Precision

The SVW is a compact, battery operated Wireless Solenoid Valve with “IN” and “OUT” 1/4? SAE male ports designed to quickly open or close, thereby precisely metering a gas or liquid flowing through connected hoses. The SVW can be used for MANUAL Charging, Recovery or Evacuation procedures. It may also be used for AUTOMATIC Charging and Recovery when paired with a mobile device running the CPS Link app.

Manual Charging, Recovery or Evacuation

Once powered on, the SVW can be “manually” opened or closed by pressing the ON/OFF button. Each press of this button will “cycle” the valve to open or close (in 100 milliseconds).

Automatic Charging Or Recovery

In either mode, the SVW will precisely control refrigerant flow in one of two ways:

  1. Pair the SVW to the CPS CC220EW Enhanced Wireless scale (sold separately). Then, input a charge or recovery weight into the scale’s corded hand control (memory).
  2. Pair the SVW to a mobile device running the CPS Link™ app. Then, pair the mobile device to any CPS wireless scale, and input a charge or recovery weight into the mobile device. In both methods, weight sensed by the scale is transmitted to the SVW, which opens or closes to regulate refrigerant flow through hoses connected to a supply or recovery tank.

SVW Key Features:

  • Ensures fast, precise control of refrigerant during service routines
  • Saves time, reduces cost and extends service equipment life
  • Compatible with all common CFC, HFC, HCFC refrigerants and blends
  • Operates with CPS Link™ app
  • It can be used for Nitrogen and CO2, HOWEVER theses gases must be regulated before entering the SVW.
  • It is not for use with Ammonia refrigerant.

Additional Features when Paired to a Mobile Device (Running CPS Link™ App):

  • Pair with other wireless devices – To automate Charging, Recovery & Evacuation
  • Key controlling functions and readouts – Conveniently located on your mobile device
  • Store Job Data – Work order, invoice number, customer, log of refrigerant use.
  • Creates and Store Customer Data – Name, address, e-mail, phone, notes.
  • Test Logs – Measurements, results of tests associated with services performed.
  • Export – e-mail specific files to customer or home office
  • Tank Tracker – Convenient refrigerant tank management system for tracking refrigerant used on job sites (for Supply & Recovery tanks and refrigerant type in each tank), plus time, date and geotag location where used.
  • Operates in ISM band – For international use.

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