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  • Residential \ Light Commercial Residential \ Light Commercial
    Residential and Light Commercial Combustion Analyzers are typically two-gas analyzers designed to measure and verify safe combustion, compliance with manufacture specifications, ambient CO levels and draft in residential small commercial appliances. Higher end products in this category can provide graphic displays, data logging and additional probes or sensors making them well suited for multistage and modulating appliances.
  • Commercial \ Light Industrial Commercial \ Light Industrial
    Commercial and Light Industrial Combustion Analyzers are typically two or three gas analyzers well suited for multistage equipment, modulating equipment, mid size boilers and light industrial applications. These analyzers can incorporate additional sensor protection, filtering, data logging, custom reporting, CO dilution, custom probe and probe lengths.
  • Industrial \ Light Emissions Industrial \ Light Emissions
    Industrial and Light Emissions Combustion Analyzers are multi-gas analyzers typically configured for specific testing applications, although a host of standard models are available. Many of these analyzers condition the flue gasses prior to measurement making them suitable for higher CO applications, measurement of hydrocarbons if equipped, and low NOx measurement. These portable analyzers can be used for maintenance, repair and monitoring for applications when low emissions and fuel usage is of primary concern.
  • Emissions Emissions
    Emissions analyzers are engineered for use as compliance, service and maintenance tool or instrument. While efficiency and compliance typically run hand in hand when tuning a burner, other pollutants like CO, HC, NOx or SOx may need to be monitored and documented for local or state regulatory agencies. Maintenance applications include boiler efficiency testing, burner commissioning, and service. Emissions analyzers typically provide additional gas conditioning for longer term testing.
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