General Tools DCS660A Sea Scope Waterproof Video Inspection System with SD port

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Sea Scope Waterproof Video Inspection System

Ideal for plumbing-related tasks such as inspecting submerged structures and basements or pipes carrying running water. Also suitable for inspecting the underside of boats. The first and only video inspection systems with an IP67 rated waterproof grip, monitor and camera-tipped probe


  • Makes it possible to inspect sewer and water lines carrying running water
  • Enables a diver or snorkeler to view probe video under water in real time. Other “waterproof” inspection systems lack watertight grips and monitors
  • Also ideal for marine search and rescue operations
  • Eliminates concerns about accidentally dropping or dunking grip or monitor into water
  • Grip, probe and monitor are guaranteed leak-proof to depth of 1m (3.3 ft.); all three components will also resist leaks at depths up to 2m (6.6 ft.) for short periods (1 hour, max)
  • Includes 10mm (0.39 in.) diameter x 1m (39 in.) long close-focus camera-tipped probe with adjustable LED lighting
  • Probe is flexible-obedient, meaning it retains its shape
  • 3.4 in. (87mm) color LCD makes videos large and crystal-clear
  • Video can be inverted (rotated 180°) to make it easier to read
    labels and serial numbers
  • Analog Video Out jack
  • Powered by four “AA” batteries (not included)

    Additional Features for SeaScope660
  • Record time/date-stamped still images and videos on included 2GB MicroSD memory card
  • Videos can be panned by joystick and zoomed up to 4X
  • Includes USB jack and cable for PC connection
  • 10-minute Auto Power Of

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