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TEC Minneapolis The DG-700 digital pressure and flow gauge

TEC Minneapolis The DG-700 digital pressure and flow gauge

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Minneapolis DG-700 Gauge Kit

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Today's building performance test procedures require diagnostic tools that are versatile, accurate and easy to use. The Energy Conservatory's new DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge combines all these qualities into a sophisticated hand-held gauge that sets a new standard for performance testing equipment. The DG-700s advanced design gives you the power and flexibility needed to handle all types of building performance investigations.

The DG-700 digital pressure and flow gauge is the latest instrumentation option for the Model 3 Blower Door. The DG-700 contains 2 precision pressure sensors which provide simultaneous display of both building pressure and Blower Door fan flow readings. It's specialized "Baseline" and "CFM @50" features makes it extremely easy to get quick and accurate air-tightness test results.

The DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge is a multi-functional differential pressure gauge with 2 independent measurement channels. In addition to providing high-resolution pressure measurements, the DG-700 is programmed to operate with other Energy Conservatory test devices to provide airflow measurements during building performance test procedures. The DG-700s dual pressure channels and air flow measurement features make it ideally suited for a wide range of building performance testing applications including:

  • Blower Door airtightness testing.
  • Duct system airtightness testing.
  • Exhaust fan flow measurements.
  • Air handler flow measurements.
  • Building depressurization and combustion safety testing.
  • Static pressure and velocity measurements using a Pitot tube.

Quality Features

  • Simultaneous display of 2 independent differential pressure channels, A and B.
  • Accurate pressure measurements, 1% of reading from 1,250 to +1,250 Pascals, or -5 to +5 in. H20.
  • Auto-zeroing of both measurement channels adjusts for position and temperature during operation.
  • Choice of 4 time-averaging options, 1, 5, 10 second average and Long-Term or continuous average.

The DG-700 is programmed to calculate and display air flow readings on Channel B for the following Energy Conservatory test devices:

  • Model 3 Minneapolis Blower Door fans (110V and 220V).
  • Model 4 Minneapolis Blower Door fans (220V).
  • Series A and B Minneapolis Duct Blaster® fans.
  • Exhaust Fan Flow Meter.
  • TrueFlow® Air Handler Flow Meter.

Specialized performance testing requires specialized measurement capabilities

  • The Baseline feature on Channel A allows the user to measure and record a baseline pressure reading, and then display the baseline adjusted reading.
  • The specialized @50 and @25 Leakage Measurement Modes make it simple to conduct single-point airtightness tests of building and duct systems. Estimated leakage rates displayed on Channel B are continuously adjusted to a test pressure of either 50 Pascals or 25 Pascals. Choice of leakage units (cfm @, m3/hr @, l/s @, sq. inches @, sq. centimeters @).
  • The Air Handler Flow Measurement Mode is designed for measuring air handler flow rates using a TrueFlow Air Handler Flow Meter or a Duct Blaster fan.
  • The DG-700 can be used along with a computer and specialized TEC software to conduct automated Blower Door tests and for data logging of pressure measurements from both channels.
  • The New Cruise Control feature automatically adjusts the speed of the Blower Door fan to maintain a constant building pressure while you perform additional diagnostics or air-sealing procedures.
  • The DG-700s versatility and advanced features make it a must have tool for all performance testing contractors. Diagnostic tools from The Energy Conservatory are the cornerstones to more efficient, affordable, and healthy buildings and HVAC systems.

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