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TEC Minneapolis  DG700 WIFI link
Energy Conservartory WiFi link in action

TEC Minneapolis DG700 WIFI link

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The Energy Conservatory DG700 WIFI link

We're excited to announce a new accessory for your DG-700 (and DG-500) gauge, the new TEC WiFi Link. The WiFi Link attaches to any DG-700 and creates a wireless network that can be picked up by any computer or mobile device with WiFi capability. Using the FREE WiFi Link compatible software, you can monitor and control the DG-700 gauge from anywhere in a house.

The WiFi Link will work with the latest versions of TECTITE and TECLOG for PCs and the new iTEC-700 utility app for Apple and Android mobile devices. TECTITE and TECLOG users will now be free to put their laptop anywhere in the building while conducting a Blower Door test. The iTEC-700 app lets you remotely cruise your Blower Door or Duct Blaster® fan, or monitor combustion appliance zone pressures while walking around the house turning exhaust fans on and off.

Using the TEC WiFi Link during air leakage tests is not only efficient, but it turns your DG-700 into the best wireless, touch-screen gauge on the market! Want to know more? Click the tab above to read the top 10 reasons to use the DG-700 with the TEC WiFi Link.

The best part is that the TEC WiFi link is compatible with every DG-500 and 700 ever made. No need to buy a new gauge to add this exciting new technology to your testing and air sealing working.

Top 10 reasons to use the DG-700 with the WiFi Link

  • 10. Turns your DG-700 into the best wireless, touch screen manometer on the market when used with iTEC-700
  • 9. Longest battery life, with 30 hours of continuous use with the WiFi Link attached to a new gauge, and 20 hours of continuous use when attached to your existing gauge
  • 8. The iTEC-700 app provides a full array of testing options, including code compliance results right on the screen, with an easy-to-use and responsive interface. Testing options include ACH50, [email protected], 50 and 75 Pa, and cfm per square foot and per 100 square feet
  • 7. CAZ testing is easier because you can continuously monitor CAZ pressures while walking around the house turning exhaust fans on and off
  • 6. The WiFi Link works with the most widely used and advanced software on the market, including TECTITE and TECLOG3
  • 5. Our WiFi Link has a communication distance of up to 300 feet without needing a router, allowing you to walk around the entire house while staying wirelessly connected to your gauge
  • 4. The DG-700 is the most accurate gauge on the market, with no accuracy discrepancies between brochures, manuals and calibration certificates
  • 3. Our gauge meets the accuracy requirements for all performance testing standards world-wide, including RESNET and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
  • 2. No gauge trade-in hassle, and no need to mix-and-match

And the Number 1 Reason...
  • 1. You can go wireless now for only $275 without having to buy a new, more expensive gauge

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