Retrotec Q32/DU200 Duct Tester Umbilical cord (7 ft.)

Part Number: DM240
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Umbilical Cord for the Retrotec Duct Leakage Tester Model Q32/DU200

Use the Umbilical to seamlessly connect a digital gauge to a Model 200 duct tester. The color coded tubes make connections super easy and eliminate mistakes. Special tapered connectors mean they will not leak. The umbilical keeps all tubes and cables in one neat bundle; the yellow tube, green tube and speed control cable for the fan connection as well as a 20 ft blue tube to put into the ductwork, making testing and set up extremely efficient.


  • Bundled together for easy management of tubing connections
  • Longer blue tube for easy pressure referencing of the duct work
  • Tapered connectors
  • Fan speed control cable connection

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