TEC Minneapolis Duct Mask 24" WIDE CLEAR

Part Number: DUCTMSK-C2
Price: $265.00
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1 Case (2 rolls )
24" wide  x 200' long rolls with perforations every 24"

    * Duct Mask is used to provide a quick temporary seal on registers and grilles when measuring duct airtightness with a Duct Blaster or Blower Door.
    * With Duct Mask you can reduce the time and hassle of sealing off the duct system, and look more professional to your customers.
    * Duct Mask is an adhesive backed film in a 24" wide rolls.
    * Duct Mask is perforated to provide a quick, custom, one-step installation.
    * Duct Mask is sold by the case, which includes two 200' long (24" wide) rolls
    * Also available in 8" wide rolls HERE

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