DEFENDER CA6150 Carbon Monoxide Detector
DEFENDER CA6150 Carbon Monoxide Detector

Defender CA6150 Carbon Monoxide Detector - Alarm

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Defender CA6150 Carbon Monoxide Detector

A direct replacement to the CA6050. Compatible with CA6050 base plate.

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The Defender CA6150 is a sealed lithium battery powered carbon monoxide alarm with state-of-the-art, extra large digital display. Read and monitor current CO levels as low as 10 ppm at the touch of a button. Two lithium batteries are non-removable and warranted to power the detector for ten years. Quick, easy and secure mounting system. Ideal for homes, townhouses, condominiums, multi-unit residences, apartments, nursing homes, and daycare facilities.

NOTE: All of the Defender detectors (CA6000, CA6050, CA6100, CA6150, LL6070) utilize the same mounting plate, and can be interchanged with each other.

Product Features

  • Sealed Lithium Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Two Non-Removable FDK Fuji Lithium Batteries with Soldered Connections
  • Automatic and Manual Battery Activation
  • Accurate and Reliable Electrochemical Sensor
  • Integrated Filter for Removing Nuisance Gases
  • Samples for Carbon Monoxide (CO) Every 10 Seconds
  • Extra-Large Alpha-Numeric Digital LCD Display with Memory
  • One-Touch Readout of Current CO Level Detected from 10 PPM to 999 PPM
  • Automatically Displays Current CO Level Detected from 30 PPM to 999 PPM
  • Memory Displays Peak CO Level Detected from 10 PPM to 999 PPM
  • Memory Displays Duration of Peak CO Level from 0 to 999 Minutes
  • Separate Display and Test Buttons
  • Separate Alarm, Power and Service LED’s
  • Audible and Visual Alarm Signals
  • Instant Test/Reset/Mute Feature
  • Internal Microprocessor Monitors Sensor Function
  • Auto. Alert when Alarm Reaches End of its Life
  • Integrated Battery Deactivation Switch
  • Operating Temperature: 40°F to 100°F
  • Durable Flame Retardant ABS Construction
  • Ten Year Limited Factory Warranty for Alarm and Batteries

Display CO Level Data

  • Current carbon monoxide level detected from 10 to 999 ppm
  • Highest carbon monoxide level detected from 10 to 999 ppm
  • Duration of the peak CO level detected from 1 to 999 minutes

Security Features

  • Two Factory Sealed 10-Year Lithium Batteries are Non-Removable
  • Automatic Battery Activation when Alarm is Attached to Mounting Plate
  • Secure-Lock System Fastens Alarm to Mounting Plate with Phillips Screw


  • Underwriters Laboratories Tested and Listed to latest ANSI/UL 2034 Standard. See UL File No. CZHF.E359861.
  • This product has been approved by the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) pursuant to Section 13144.1 of the California Health and Safety Code. See CSFM Listing No. 5276-2122:0100 for allowable values and/or conditions for use concerning material presented in this document.

Once activated, units are Non-Returnable / Non-Refundable. Unit only detects Carbon Monoxide (CO)

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