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A\C and Refrigeration

 iManifold, Testo, Appion, BluVac and Accutool Digital Refrigeration Gauges, Refrigerant Detectors and Accessories for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

  • How to Charge A\C Units How to Charge A\C Units
    Still a little lost on how to properly charge a residential or commercial air conditioning system? We can help. This training information includes information on how to charge by total superheat, sub-cooling, weight, and by pressures with a manufacturer's chart.
  • A\C Tune-Up Kits A\C Tune-Up Kits
    TruTech Tools custom kits for A/C tune up programs and use by contractors. The tools you need to properly commission, retro commission and service air conditioning equipment. Measure, diagnose, evaluate and repair. From airflow to refrigerant charge these kits address it all.
  • TESTO Digital Gauges\Accessories TESTO Digital Gauges\Accessories
    Testo 550, Testo 557, Testo 570 digital refrigeration system analyzers and probes. Built to last, Testo makes the highest accuracy digital refrigeration gauges on the market. We like them because they are quick, easy, intuitive, and a well built product for every day use in the field.
  • iManifold iConnect iManifold iConnect
    The iManifold is the worlds first iOS and Android compatible digital manifold. The free app includes a huge suite of software features including on board diagnostics, data logging, reporting, and system performance. The super rugged construction and innovate design are world class, and designed for years of trouble free operation. Old School meet New Cool!
  • Performance Testing Air Conditioning Equipment Performance Testing Air Conditioning Equipment
    Measuring Air Conditioner performance will forever change the way that you service and commission air conditioning systems. This 3 step method will assure that you are getting the efficiency and capacity that your customers are buying and your company is selling.
  • Fieldpiece SMAN Gauges Fieldpiece SMAN Gauges
    The Fieldpiece SMAN2 and SMAN3 are simply some of the best manifolds on the market. They're easy to use, display dual pressure and temperature, calculate in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, have a temperature resistant display, and the convenient carrying bag allows you to hang or carry the manifold without having to take off the hoses. They are also the only manifolds that you can do a two-point pressure calibration on to ensure your pressure is accurate.
  • Vacuum Measurement Vacuum Measurement
    Digital and Analog Vacuum Gauges and Accessories. All USA made products! Vacuum is one of the most important measurements that you make. Get it right the first time with vacuum rated hoses, core tools and a high accuracy vacuum gauge.
  • Refrigerant Leak Detectors Refrigerant Leak Detectors
    Refrigerant leak detectors for CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants. Electronic, Ultrasonic, Ultraviolet, and soap solutions are all available
  • Hoses Hoses
    High quality US made NRP & Appion hoses for evacuation, charging and service. Low loss, ball valve and large diameter are available.
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