DiversiTech 972KIT Super Seal Sealant Total with UV Dye, 1.5 - 5 Tons

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DiversiTech 972KIT Super Seal Sealant Total, 1.5 - 5 Tons

Super Seal Sealant Total 3-in-1 dries, seals and includes Flash UV dye for a complete repair solution. Super Seal Total is fast and easy to install and requires no pump down or recovery. It’s compatible with all oils and refrigerants and ideal for all systems including microchannel, heat pump and geothermal. Super Seal Total stops leaks now and prevents future ones too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Super Seal Sealant work?

Super Seal Sealant is a light, low viscosity, particle and polymer free liquid. The sealant is injected as a mist directly into the refrigerant stream through our patented misting orifice. As it travels with the refrigerant and oil throughout the system, the sealant exits the leak point and reacts with moisture in the atmosphere to form a low tensile crystalline structure creating a permanent seal.

When should Super Seal Sealant be used?

Super Seal Sealant should be used when conventional leak detection methods are unsuccessful and all attempts to find and fix a leak have been exhausted. Use in compliance with the Montreal protocol and regional or federal laws for handling of refrigerant.

Will Super Seal Sealant harm the compressor or any other components in the system?

No, the sealant is completely compatible with the electrical windings of the compressor motor. It will not interfere with compressor valves or form wax in capillary tubes, orifices, or thermostatic expansion valves, and does not impede the lubricity of the system oil in any way.

What happens to Super Seal Sealant if it is necessary to reclaim the refrigerant?

Super Seal Sealant is removed with the refrigerant through the recovery process.

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