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How to attach and use the TruTechTools Rapid Evac Evacuation Kit to evacuate an air conditioner.

Proper and quick evacuation requires the right hoses, connectors, assembly lube, core tools and a quality micron gauge. The problem is none of these components are available in a single kit from a single manufacturer until now. We went back to the basics, if you cannot buy it build it, so that is exactly what we did. The TTT evacuation rig contains all of he hard to find components required to evacuate systems in record times plus specialty plugs and fittings to keep things clean and easily adapt them to any vacuum pump.

In this video we show you how to use the evacuation kit to quickly evacuate a residential system in a matter of minutes to below the manufacturers required specifications.

The Bluvac vacuum gauge is one of the most innovative vacuum measurement tools for HVAC and refrigeration that has become available in the past few years. New users often find it a love hate relationship as they love the technology, but hate the fact that they cannot get their vacuum rig or a system to stop leaking. This video goes over how to attach the Bluvac gauge, what leak rate is, and how to determine if the leak rate is acceptable.

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