FLIR DM93 TRUE RMS Industrial Multimeter

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FLIR DM93 True RMS Industrial Multimeter

The new FLIR DM93 is a world-class digital multimeter with advanced VFD filtering to help you accurately analyze non-traditional sine waves and noisy signals found in VFD-controlled equipment.

  • VFD Mode filters variable frequency drive signals and provides accurate voltage and frequency measurements during maintenance and troubleshooting
  • LoZ Mode eliminates ghost voltage readings associated with long-run applications
  • Powerful Worklights eliminate the need for a flashlight while performing tests in dim lighting
  • Data Record feature captures electrical measurements and provides wireless data transfer
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology* connects the FLIR DM93 to the FLIR Tools Mobile app on your compatible mobile device.
  • METERLiNK® technology wirelessly integrates electrical readings on your infrared image with FLIR Thermal Cameras

  • Voltage and Current
  • Bright White LED Backlight
  • Analog Bargraph
  • Auto AC/DC Voltage
  • Min
  • Max
  • Average Recording
  • Auto Power Off
  • Hold
  • Relative
  • Peak Hold
  • Store
  • Recall
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