FLIR One Pro SmartPhone Connected Thermal Imager for Android USB-C connection

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FLIR One Pro for Android with USB-C connection

The all new FLIR ONE Pro is a must-have for any inspector or contractor's toolbox. Combining enhanced high resolution MSX imagery with powerful measurement tools and report generation capability, the FLIR One Pro works as hard as you do, almost. From plumbers to architects, the FLIR ONE Pro is perfect for all professionals that need a little help on the job site.

  • MSX
  • Ruggedized Design
  • OneFit Adjustable Connector
  • VividIR Advanced Image Processing
  • Higher Resolution Thermal Sensor
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • One-Touch Reporting
  • Enhanced FLIR ONE App

With our exclusive VividIR image processing, we give you the sharpest mobile thermal image you've seen. Ever.

OneFit Adjustable Connector
One size fits all with our brand new adjustable connector. OneFit adapts your FLIR ONE to fit with almost any phone case.

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement
FLIR ONE Pro enables you to measure the temperature of any spot in a scene between -4deg.F and 248deg.F (-20deg. to 120deg.C). It can also detect temperature differences as small as 0.18deg. F (0.1deg. C).

Ask Another Pro
Connect with certified thermographers around the world for a second set of eyes on your project.

Explore additional features like FLIR ONE Panorama, FLIR ONE TimeLapse and FLIR ONE CloseUp functions.

OneFit Compatibility
The revolutionary OneFit adjustable-height connector ensures that your FLIR One will fit your phone or tablet, even with its rugged case still in place so you don't have to choose between protecting your phone and thermal vision.

VividIR Image Enhancement
VividIR is FLIR's latest and most powerful image processing. Delivering true SuperResolution image enhancement to the FLIR One Pro, advanced image processing delivers stunningly crisp imagery and fine detail.

FLIR ONE App allows you to share thermal images and videos to the social media platform of your choice.

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