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FLIR C2 - Powerful Pocket-sized Thermal Camera

FLIR C2 - Powerful Pocket-sized Thermal Camera

Part Number:72001-0101
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Powerful Thermography in Your Pocket. 

Point and Shoot IR.

FLIR has done it again creating the FLIR C2 which amounts to the world’s very first, full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera! We've had a chance to see this unit in action and it is truly remarkable. This little gem is really targeted by design for builders, building performance and HVACR contractors. This IS the camera you will use a LOT in the field. It is so compact, lightweight and fast to use, you will soon forget how you got along without it. You, as a contractor, know you can use thermography in your job, but you may have hesitated weighing the "need" against camera cost, size and just overall "get it out to the box, start it up, set it up" necessary with the higher resolution units. 

The FLIR C2 gives you the right product at the right price point so you’re ready anytime to  find those hidden heat patterns in the work you perform and buildings, ductwork, HVAC and refrigeration systems. The C2 comes complete with the MSX® mode: which is the revolution real time image enhancement, showing you the outlines of the real world inside the thermal world. It's high sensitivity detector, coupled with a wide field of view, and a fully radiometric image help you to clearly see where thermal defects are and confirmed when you have corrected the problem. 

Pocket POWER.

Because of it's size and ease of use you will keep it ready for immediate use so you don’t miss chance to prove a thermal point or diagnose an issue.

  •  Lightweight, thin profile  fits comfortably in any pocket 
  •  Bright and clear 3” intuitive touch screen with auto rotation for easy viewing
  •  Built-in LED illumination  for use as a  flashlight and brightening your visual pictures

Fully Radiometric. 

  • Save thermal image JPEGs instantly, then conveniently adjust and analyze them later with FLIR Tools to isolate temperature measurements on any pixel and create convincing reports
  • MSX-enhanced thermal images provide stunning detail to help you identify problem areas easier
  • Radiometric image stores 4800 pixels (60 x 80) capable of capturing thermal measurements from 14°F   to 302°F  (-10°C to 150°C)
  • A wide FOV frames what pros need to see and high thermal sensitivity detects subtle temperature differences common in building applications

Easily Affordable.

  • $499 fits everyone’s budget to help put this powerful tool into the hands of more people who can really use it 
  • FLIR Tools professional reporting software included – the industry standard in thermal image post analysis
  • Streaming video via FLIR Tools, a feature not usually available on low-cost thermal camera systems
  • FLIR’s unique 2-10 warranty, covering parts and labor for two years and the detector for ten

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