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Fiber Insulation Systems

Fiber Insulation Systems

EGIA has partnered with TruTech Tools to offer discounted Fiber Insulation Installation equipment to reEnergize Program Contractors. (For blowing all types of insulation: including cellulose, fiberglass and rockwool)

TruTech Tools has worked with INTEC (the manufacturer) to offer a tailored made choice of three systems to fit every insulating contractor's needs.

We have categorized the systems based on Attics per week (the most common use of blown in insulation systems for retrofit work.)

GOOD System: 1 attic per week
BETTER System: 2 to 3 attics per week (with wireless remote, a real time and steps saver!)
BEST System: Daily use (with wireless remote, a real time and steps saver!)

INTEC systems come in 3 size categories, but all use standard power hook ups, and innovative cleaning/access systems making INTEC the industry's easiest (and least frustrating) fiber moving equipment to use and maintain.

Fiber insulation material should be sourced locally.

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