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  • Clamp Meters Clamp Meters
    Fieldpiece Instruments offers several clamp-on DMMs to accommodate most preferences. Fieldpiece mini clamp meters are only 8-inces tall and range from basic to True RMS models. Dual-display mini clamps let you read volts and amps at the same time. The SC60 series full-size clamp meters include most of the ranges and functions you use everyday and are a favorite among instructors and veterans alike. The SC70 series takes it to the top and works with Fieldpiece accessory head instruments. Whatever your preference, Fieldpiece probably has a clamp meter to fit the way you like to test.
  • Stick Meters Stick Meters
    Fieldpiece Instruments’ Digital “Stick” Multimeters were designed solely for HVAC/R field service to make the technician’s job easier, faster and safer. These meters were specifically designed to include the features, functions, ranges and toughness HVAC/R technicians need for field service. They include built-in safety features and warnings and allow for the easiest one-handed testing in the industry. They’re CAT III rated, 600V max. The HS30 series has temperature with great compensation, lead storage and a hanging magnet - all built-in. See the chart at the bottom of the page to compare functions. These meters were also designed for modular expandability. Just snap the head onto meter, or use the deluxe silicone leads for remote connection, and switch to the mVDC range to test even more HVAC/R parameters and ranges. You can fit a service truckload of test instruments into one bag using modular stick DMMs and carry it over your shoulder. Technicians use phrases like “quality”, “tough”, “rugged”, “durable”, “dependable”, “reliable”, “the best for HVAC” and more to describe these meters when talking to us. We’re not going to argue.
  • Accessory Heads Accessory Heads
    Fieldpiece accessory heads are used with "stick meters" or a standard digital multimeter to measure a variety of HVAC related parameters. These heads connect directly to the EH4W for wireless, the EHDL1 for stand alone use or the AHDLI to convert for use with any standard digital multimeter with A/C-D/C Mv ranges
  • Temperature Measurement Temperature Measurement
    Our industry is about keeping customers at the right temperature with the right amount of moisture in the air. It just makes sense that Fieldpiece offers a wide variety of thermometers for HVAC/R. Fieldpiece employs thermometers that use our k-type thermocouples, thermistors, infrared technology, and various thermometers with job specific probe tips. Whatever your testing, chances are we have a have a thermometer that will help you get the job done easier, better and faster.
  • Airflow Measurement Airflow Measurement
    Fieldpiece has a complete line of low cost high accuracy airflow measurement instruments for airflow both at the register and in duct applications. Perfect for volume and velocity measurements, there are both stick and stand alone options to fit your budget and measurement needs.
  • Differential Pressure Manometers Differential Pressure Manometers
    Measure gas pressure, static pressure or pressure differential pressure with our manometers. We offer dual-port manometer accessory head instruments for use with our compatible, meters, data loggers, handles and adapters. We also offer a standalone dual-port manometer with a hanging magnet and rubber boot. All manometers come with industry standard 3/16 tubes with brass fittings and 3/16 to 5/16 hose adapters.
  • Humidity Measurement Humidity Measurement
    Like all Fieldpiece products, the SRH3 digital psychrometer was engineering specifically for HVACR professionals. These tools can not only measure they can calculate target superheat and evaporator split. Easy to use, and at a reasonable cost, these relative humidity instruments will provide the required accuracy for wet bulb and dry bulb measurements.
  • K-Type Thermocouples K-Type Thermocouples
    K- type thermocouples, sometimes known as Type-K thermocouples, combine features and functions to handle most HVAC and refrigeration temperature measurement applications. The Fieldpiece line of rugged k-type pipe-clamp thermocouples for HVAC and refrigeration have a snub-nose design and increased jaw strength to grip pipes and maximize thermal contact, even when the pipe is very close to a wall. Fieldpiece k-type wrap-tab beaded thermocouples let you choose the amount of the lead you need and stores the rest, and the optional alligator clip model easily attaches to the outside of the condenser for outdoor dry bulb measurements.
  • Refrigerant Leak Detectors Refrigerant Leak Detectors
    Fieldpiece heated diode and infrared (IR) refrigerant leak detectors use state of the art sensors and technology to help you find leaks fast. Exclusively made for the HVAC/R technicians these affordable leak detectors have ruggedized construction, fit naturally in your hand, and stand up to abuse that most other detectors cannot handle.
  • Handles \ Wireless Handles \ Guides Handles \ Wireless Handles \ Guides
    Fieldpiece Instruments pioneered modular expandability, where an accessory head instrument is attached to the top of a stick-style multimeter to measure more HVAC/R parameters than those found on the meter alone. We also realize that some technicians own or prefer other types of meters. We designed our adapters and handles to provide the benefits of modular expandability to these technicians. The adapter handle allows you to easily connect our accessory head instruments to any DMM mV ranges, both AC and DC, on their meter. Our electronic handles convert any accessory head into a standalone instrument.
  • Accessories Accessories
    Replacement leads, fuses, and thermocouples for your Fieldpiece meters
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