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Fieldpiece SDP2 Dual In-Duct Psychrometer
Fieldpiece SDP2 Dual Psychrometer

Fieldpiece SDP2 Dual In-Duct Psychrometer

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Fieldpiece SDP2 Dual In-Duct Psychrometer

Very cool and interesting, the Fieldpiece SDP2 is the first psychrometer designed for HVAC/R work that can display and show a change in enthalpy. Coupled with an accurate airflow instrument like the Fieldpiece STA2, field capacity in BTUh and even field EER can easily be calculated. The SDP2 uses capacitive electric humidity sensors and thermistor technology to accurately determine all of the psychrometric readings assuring a high level of accuracy and repeatability during the process.

The SDP2 Dual In-Duct Psychrometer is more than just your everyday HVACR psychrometer. It gives HVACR professionals more insight into HVAC evaporator performance than any other psychrometer, because it takes four evaporator measurements at one time: supply wet bulb, supply dry bulb, return wet bulb, and return dry bulb.

HVACR professionals get a live, real-time snap shot of the evaporator performance, even while conditions are changing. Based on these live, dynamic readings, the SDP2 Dual In-Duct Psychrometer registers system changes as they happen, and automatically calculates actual Delta-T, Target Delta-T, actual Evaporator Exit Temperature, and Target Evaporator Exit Temperature. Plus enthalpy (BTU/LBM) and Dew Point can be displayed in real-time.

* The SDP2 is a great tool to help HVACR professionals do more all by itself. But couple it with the JL2 and then to the JobLink APP and your work improves dramatically in an instant. Not only are you checking and servicing a unit based on live real-time measurements, but the wireless communication lets you be in two or more places at one time!


  • Sends live indoor wet bulb readings to the JobLink APP via the JL2 accessory while charging at the condenser
  • Real-time Target Evaporator Exit Temperature and Target Delta T
  • Displays actual indoor unit performance, AND calculates how indoor unit should be performing
  • Shows enthalpy change across the evaporator -- in real-time
  • Wirelessly sends all 4 evaporator temperatures to the JobLink APP via the JL2 accessory for full system diagnostics


  • Hands-free testing
  • Bright backlight
  • Threaded probe locks
  • Ruled, 38" telescoping probes
  • Magnetic hanger
  • Rugged design
  • Dual display

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